These Terms and Conditions of Use regulate the legal relationship between Deutsche Oper am Rhein (hereinafter DOR) and its audience members at performances of DOR at Opernhaus Düsseldorf and Theater Duisburg. By obtaining an admission ticket by purchase, voucher or subscription scheme, audience members are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions as set out herein.
These terms and conditions apply also for members of organized attendance groups if not explicitly otherwise agreed. For holders of subscriptions these terms and conditions apply by analogy insofar as divergent or complementary subscriber terms and conditions do not overrule them.

A valid admission ticket is to be shown to the admission staff on entering the auditorium, together with applicable identity cards or authorization in the case of discounted tickets. Each ticket is valid for one person only at any time; special discounted tickets for named persons are not transferable to other persons. For persons arriving after the commencement of a performance the right to the seat concerned and to no other does not retain its validity. Insofar as it does not mar the effectiveness of the performance, the front of house personnel may be willing to conduct latecomers to seats in the auditorium of their choice and at their discretion. For those who cannot be admitted to the auditorium there is the possibility to watch and hear the performance on a monitor in the foyer.

Performance schedules are issued regularly by the DOR management.
No responsibility is accepted for schedules or commencement times published by advance announcements, on billboards or other than in the currently valid publications of the DOR. The right to alterations is reserved.

Tickets are available at the daytime and evening box-offices of DOR or at authorized pre-booking agencies of DOR. Generally the evening box-office is open as from an hour before the scheduled commencement of the performance of the day, independently of the actual time of such commencement.
Through the DOR Webshop tickets may at all times be obtained on the websites and with payment by credit card or by bank debit authorization or by using the online order form for reservation. Both options can be selected by clicking the € symbol next to the scheduled performance on the website performance schedule.

Advance booking is generally available for the entire season. The right to alteration of schedules is reserved.
Reserved tickets are normally held for 10 days after receipt of the advance booking request. If booked tickets are thereafter not redeemed, the advance booking will be cancelled. A longer reservation period may be granted by the management solely at its own discretion. Tickets may only be deposited at the evening box-office if they have by then been paid for within the reservation period. Details of the conditions for advance ticket purchase and for reservations by telephone or in writing are set down in the annually published season schedule of DOR and in the monthly schedule leaflets.

Generally, valid admission prices are newly fixed each season. They can be ascertained in the published performance schedules of DOR.

Until further notice the following discounts are granted for DOR performances in Opernhaus Düsseldorf and Theater Duisburg.
Reduction of 50% is available to -
Schoolchildren, students and trainees under 28 years and members of federal voluntary services resp. those performing a year’s voluntary social service; severely disabled persons including victims of war, persons with a disablement of 70% or more and their authorized attendants on presentation of appropriate passes, in Duisburg recipients of social relief allowances and in Düsseldorf generally all holders of the so-called Düsselpass. The reduction may be made at the daytime or evening box-office on presentation of the appropriate pass. It is the responsibility of persons eligible to such reductions to have their authorization to ticket reduction with them when being admitted to the auditorium of Düsseldorf Opernhaus or Theater Duisburg to be presented on request. Such reductions are not available for premières or for the New Year’s Eve event. In the case of special events eligibility will be determined ad hoc.
Groups are granted the following reductions: For groups of 20 persons or more a reduction of 20% on the standard price of each admission ticket is customarily granted. Especial reductions are regularly granted to school groups. Such reductions are normally announced in the annual performance schedule publication. These price reductions are not granted for the price categories 1 to 5 at premières and for all price categories at the New Year’s Eve event.
The reduction cannot be made on the external price factors, and therefore the actual price does not exactly correspond to the announced arithmetical percentage on the total of the standard price.

In principle, no tickets once bought can be returned or exchanged. If the management should decide as a friendly gesture to accept an unwanted valid ticket in exchange for a voucher, a fee of up to 8 Euros may be levied. No substitute or refund can be given for tickets which have expired. If a work is performed other than the work which was scheduled when the ticket was bought, tickets may be returned at any time up to the beginning of the performance of the substitute work. As a rule changes of cast or minor alterations to the performance at short notice do not generate entitlement to the return of tickets; exceptions to this may be made by the management at their own discretion in individual cases. If a performance is abandoned due to practical problems, the management will endeavour to provide a substitute performance; should this not come to be, the tickets will normally be refunded. The management will decide on this in individual cases at its own discretion. No refund will be made for performances which the ticket holder fails to attend or which have to be cancelled on grounds of force majeure. .Beyond the cases set out herein demands for refunding made to DOR are not admissible. Specifically, concomitant expenses of the ticket holder such as travel costs to see a cancelled performance cannot be reimbursed. Demands for a refund of the ticket price must be made to DOR in writing within two weeks after the incident in question and thereafter, whether reasonable or not, are deemed to have expired.

DOR is not obliged to replace tickets which the ticket holders have physically lost.

Coats, umbrellas, large bags and similar bulky adjuncts may not be taken into the auditorium.
These adjuncts must be handed in at the cloakroom applicable to the ticket. The ticket holder will receive a cloakroom chit for them. Money, valuables, jewellery and the like may not be deposited at the cloakroom. When presented with the chit the personnel of the cloakroom is empowered to hand over the corresponding object(s) to whoever presents the chit, and is not obliged to check whether such a person is the rightful holder of it. If the chit is lost, cloakroom items will be handed over only to such persons who can substantiate or credibly maintain that they are his/her property. For restoration of cloakroom items after loss of the chit a fee of 10 Euros must be paid to DOR. DOR is responsible for loss or damage to cloakroom items only insofar as the cloakroom personnel can be ascertained to have infringed its storage duties wilfully or with gross negligence. Liability for loss or damage to cloakroom items is limited to a maximum value of 2500 Euros per chit, liability for missing contents of pockets of the same or of handbags and similar container objects is limited to the sum of 100 Euros in each case. Loss and damage to cloakroom items must be reported to the cloakroom personnel without delay. Demands for restitution must be then made in writing to DOR within one month after the performance in question. Demands made thereafter with respect to such loss or damage cannot be entertained.

Ticket holders may generally occupy only the seat to which the ticket applies; the front of house management may in individual cases agree to or suggest a different seat. Members of the audience in possession of timepieces with acoustic signals or mobile telephones are obliged to put such apparatus out of action when entering the auditorium in order not to disturb other people. Ticket holders who disturb the performance or harass other people present may be expelled from the auditorium and, if it can be supposed that such disruptions may recur, may be forbidden any further entry in future. Out of consideration for the performers or other persons present or for such reasons, it is not permitted to photograph, film or record during performances. In cases of infringement the front of house personnel may deprive the culprits of such apparatus and restore it to them only after the performance has ended. Recordings in any form which have already been made in part or in whole may be seized by DOR management and held until the person concerned declares willingness to delete them and does so. Smoking is absolutely prohibited in all parts of the premises of Düsseldorf Opernhaus and Theater Duisburg. In case of fire or similar emergency, visitors are to leave the premises directly by the nearest general or emergency exit. Instructions from the front of house personnel of DOR are hereby to be followed unconditionally.

For copyright reasons the making or holding of recordings, whether visual (film, video, DVD and similar) or audio, made during actual performances, is prohibited, even if only for private purposes. Such recordings, unless authorized, are subject to compensation or other measures as set out in copyright law (§ 97 Urhebergesetz).

In the case of damage or disadvantage sustained by persons while present on the premises of DOR, the liability of DOR is limited to cases in which deliberate action or gross negligence on the part of employees or assistant or executive personnel acting for DOR can be ascertained.

As per $28 section 1 p.1. pt.1 of the Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz), personal data imparted will be used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling the contractual obligation of DOR towards its patrons, and will exclusively be passed on only to such DOR personnel as are responsible for the processing of ticket applications (CTS Eventim Solutions GmbH, Contrescarpe 75A, 28195 Bremen). It is at all times possible to demand details of, contest or forbid personal data storage within the scope of relevant law. In the sense of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz responsible is Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16a, 40213 Düsseldorf.

These General Terms and Conditions become effective on the day of their signature.

In case of invalidation of single passage(s), the contract partners undertake to replace the same in the sense of the contract object by new and valid rulings which as far as possible have equal practical asset value. This has no effect on the remainder as it stands.

Düsseldorf – Duisburg, August 2011

Christoph Meyer

Jochen Grote
Geschäftsführender Direktor


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