“I find nothing more important than to pass on all the experience and wisdom that I have gathered over the years. There is nothing better than helping somebody and to see that the young singers not only listen very attentively, but that they also profit from my advice in their professional work. A win-win situation!”

Ks. Linda Watson



Fr 15.11.2019, 19.30 Uhr
Sa 15.02.2020, 19.30 Uhr
Sa 30.05.2020, 19.30 Uhr


Master classes with internationally renowned artists are a regular part of the Opera Studio programme. During courses of usually one week, theses guest artists pass on their experience help the young talents to develop their technical skills and to polish their interpretation. Sometimes they can help to focus on individual problems the young singers were not even aware of, or encourage them to test a different technical approach to make things easier.

At the end of each course the singers present the programme of the master class in the well-established “Master Class Concerts”. During the season 2019/20 concerts will be held again at “maxhaus” in Düsseldorf Old Town and in the foyer of Düsseldorf Opera House.

Master Classes 2009–2018 (alphabetical order)

— Sir Thomas Allen, baritone
— Ks. Helen Donath, soprano
— Bernarda Fink, mezzosoprano
— Ks. Barbara Frittoli, soprano
— Ks. Franz Grundheber, baritone
— Jane Henschel, mezzosoprano
— Sabine Hartmannshenn, director & acting coach
— Gundula Hintz & Dr. Friederike Janofske, vocal teacher & mental coach
— Peter Nikolaus Kante, acting coach
— Cynthia Makris, soprano
— Dame Ann Murray, mezzosoprano
— Christof Nel & Martina Jochem, scenic analysis
— Ks. Deborah Polaski, soprano
— Alberto Rinaldi, baritone
— Craig Rutenberg, Head of studies at Metropolitan Opera New York
— Ks. Peter Seiffert, tenor
— Ks. Bo Skovhus, baritone
— David Syrus, Head of studies at Royal Opera House Covent Garden
— Dr. Marius Vlad, tenor
— Michael Volle, baritone
— Ks. Linda Watson, soprano
— Yaron Windmüller, baritone