Jan Sobrie

Jan Sobrie was born in 1979 in Ghent, Belgium. He studied acting at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound in Brussels. Since graduating in 2002, he has worked as an actor and director and writes plays in which he also plays himself. In 2006 his play "Titus" was nominated for the Belgian-Dutch Theatre Festival Prize, and in 2008 for the German Youth Theatre Prize. For "Remember me" and "Shut up" he received the Dutch-German Children's and Youth Drama Prize Kaas & Kappes in 2010 and 2015. His play "Wutschweiger" was awarded this prize in 2019 and also received the Jugendtheaterpreis Baden-Württemberg 2020 and was nominated for the Deutscher Kindertheaterpreis 2020.
He wrote the libretto "Als wir nicht wussten wer wir waren" (When we didn't know who we were) for Deutsche Oper am Rhein, which - translated by Immanuel de Gilde - can be seen in the setting by Misha Cvijović and Sobrie's direction at UFO - Junge Oper Urban.