21.10.–26.10.2022 / Young Opera
For all from 4 upwards

Der Kiosk

Diana Syrse
Comissioned Composition
Libretto by Andrea Heuser after the childens' book „Der Kiosk“ by Anete Melece
In German
approx. 40 minutes, no interval
For all from 4 upwards
"For many years Olga has been a kiosk woman. The kiosk is her life." So begins Latvian illustrator and copywriter Anete Melece's delightfully colorful and humorously illustrated book that celebrates the unexpected possibilities. And by the way, Olga has literally grown into her kiosk. She's stuck as people pass her by, lingering briefly for purchases of the little things or just to chat about themselves. Olga knows them all and has an open ear for everyone. But they all move on, she is stuck - and yet she is dreaming of the sea. Then the kiosk tips over, along with Olga, and everything starts to move...
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The young Mexican composer Diana Syrse, who has already won several prizes and scholarships for her colorful sounding work with influences from jazz, world music, classical music, avant-garde and electronics, sets the light-footed, witty story of the protagonist about being stuck, hiding, dreaming and staying with herself to music. Composing contemporary musical theater and questioning what opera can tell us today, especially for young audiences, is the focus of her musical work. In collaboration with librettist Andrea Heuser, who for many years has also written the libretti for composer Moritz Eggert, the composer embarks in her commissioned work for "Der Kiosk" on an imaginative search for the spark and the connection of speech, vocal and instrumental sound for a completely new language, whose "speaking instruments" in a dialogic, buoyant interplay invite us to accompany Olga on her journey to the sea.
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Künstlerische Produktionsleitung
Anna Neubert
Robert Beck
Rie Watanabe

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