04.11.–01.12.2023 / Ballett

I am a problem

Roland Petit | Aszure Barton
Carmen | Baal
Two plays, two strong individuals, one problem.

CARMEN Roland Petit
BAAL Aszure Barton (Uraufführung)
approx. 2 hours, one interval
For all from 14 upwards
Carmen is a problem because she doesn't act the way society expects her to. Because she fascinates and at the same time unsettles people, questions their identities. The collective response is clearly formulated: Carmen is consumed, Carmen is sanctioned - in the end, disapproval of deviation wins out. The French choreographer Roland Petit turned the material into a ballet in 1949 and created a legendary classic that continues to touch and delight with its mixture of virtuoso ballet, effective Broadway drama and Spanish couleur locale.

The second part of the evening also deals with a figure who provokes people to the extreme. With his early play "Baal", playwright Bertolt Brecht gave birth to a being that provokes strong reactions and a lot of questions. How do we as a society deal with it when someone behaves antisocially? What mechanisms have we developed to limit the unpredictable forces that lie within us all? To a commissioned composition by Nastasia Khrustcheva, the choreographer Aszure Barton juxtaposes Petit's "Carmen" with her interpretation based on Brecht's "Baal": Intensely and without fear of the protagonist's otherness, she shows a contemporary view of someone who seemingly defies all the rules of society.
After a novella by Prosper Mérimée
First performed on 21 February 1949 by the Ballet de Paris, Shaftesbury Theatre, London

First performed on 28 January 2022 by Ballett am Rhein after a play by Bertolt Brecht
Musikalische Leitung
Georges Bizet, arrangiert von David Garforth
Bühne und Kostüme
Bühne und Licht
Libretto und Dramaturgie
Choreographische Einstudierung

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