Opera in Augmented Reality

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The fusion of "opera" and "AR" - for augmented reality - is already visible in the name of the app, a technique that makes digital content visible in real surroundings.

With the help of the app, passers-by can "look inside" the buildings around the Düsseldorf Opera House and the Duisburg Theatre via their smartphone or tablet and meet artists virtually.

Opera and ballet clips, plays and classical music appear on the displays. From a virtual tour of the stage to information on the history of the houses and playful elements such as an encounter with Puss in Boots, the app invites you to gain an insight into Theater Duisburg and Opernhaus Düsseldorf.

The OpAR app is now available in the respective app store:

The augmented reality content starts as soon as the corresponding markers are scanned with the app at significant points in front of Theater Duisburg and the Opernhaus Düsseldorf. Since October 2022, however, you can also use the app in home mode and bring a wide variety of content into your own living room.

OpAR was created as part of the project "Das digitale Foyer", with which the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, together with the FFT Düsseldorf, is opening up new digital spaces for exchange, encounter and creative engagement with the arts and expanding the theatre experience with playful content. The four-year project is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation within the framework of the Fonds Digital.
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