11.03.2023 / Opera
Im Rahmen der 44. Duisburger Akzente


Eine Erkundungstour durch die Duisburger Innenstadt
approx. 1 hour
How often do we walk through the familiar streets with our heads down, quickly doing our shopping? Downtown equals downtown, pedestrian zone equals pedestrian zone?

But no! The Deutsche Oper am Rhein invites you to a WUNDERWANDERUNG through Duisburg's city center. Suddenly, figures in shop windows come to life, displays come to life and move to the beat of music that begins to play mysteriously: singers from the Opera Studio of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein, dancers from the Ballett am Rhein and the youth club "Spieltrieb" of the Duisburg Theater perform at various locations in Duisburg's pedestrian zone and provide unexpected and unmistakable moments. For a brief moment, a familiar place is transformed into a world that only the magic of theater can create.

Come with us, accompanied by sounds and rhythms, on a discovery tour!