29.11.–01.12.2023 / Ballett, Tanz mit!
For ages 6 to 99

Leich­ter ge­tanzt als ge­sagt

(Easier danced than said)
Wed 01.03.2023
Am Innenhafen, Duisburg
19:00 - 20:00
Ballett, Tanz mit!
19:00 - 19:45
Ballett, Tanz mit!
19:00 - 19:45
Ballett, Tanz mit!
"Telephone game" in dance – always differently exciting, surprisingly new and with cool beats.
approx. 45 minutes
An interactive choreographic project by Michael Foster

What do we see when we watch dance and how would we describe it? Is that even possible? If I tell you what I’ve seen, would you see the same thing in your mind’s eye – or something else entirely? What do we communicate through dance?

These are just some of the questions that are examined in ‘Leichter getanzt als gesagt’, the Ballett am Rhein’s interactive dance format. The stimulating tension that is generated between improvised dance and improvised text opens up a deeper understanding of dance as an expressive art form and human activity of fundamental importance both for the artists taking part and the audience watching them. Come and be part of the experiment – either as a participant or a member of the audience! Explore the possibilities of communication through movement together with the dancers of the Ballett am Rhein.

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‘Leichter getanzt als gesagt’ invites the audience to pass on their own ideas about dance – and even to dance themselves! Two dancers take up their places in the space without looking at each other. One of them starts to improvise a dance to music. A third person describes loudly in real time what they see being danced and the second dancer interprets this description in their own improvised dance. The interactions between dance and description continue to develop from this starting point: the participants in the experiment swap roles and the audience also become involved. The only way to discover what will come out of this is to experience it as it happens – no two evenings are ever the same!

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