02.06.–04.06.2023 / UFO – Junge Oper Urban
For all from 6 upwards

Kinder an die Macht!

Marius Schötz / Marthe Meinhold
Sun 04.06.2023
11:00 - 12:00
Young (Adults) UFO – Junge Oper Urban
Everything that only theatre can do comes true: Make a wish in the UFO! Here it's "Put the kids in charge!".
For all from 6 upwards
Make a wish at the UFO! - The invitation from Marius Schötz and Mathe Meinhold has borne wildly colourful fruit. The children's rushing forests of ideas have now turned into new musical theatre: in "Children in Power" the children are in power! They invite you into the children's kingdom, complete with servants, audience and royal music, and command to their heart's content. But there is a grey danger in the kingdom: La Noia - boredom creeps around. And so the royal children climb down from the throne without further ado and transform themselves to save their kingdom...

Song, dance and music gather at the UFO for the Finale Grande of the season on the banks of the Rhine in Düsseldorf.

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