16.03.2024 / Concert

Rendezvous um halb 8

Sat 16.03.2024
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
19:30 - 21:15
Culinary Musical
Are you looking for spontaneous feelings of happiness or a long-term emotional bond? Three times this season, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein invites its audience to a musical rendezvous of a special kind at the opera house in Düsseldorf.
From "Uncanny Encounters" in November – to finely arranged culinary-musical appetizers in spring to a powerful-voiced expedition into the animal kingdom in summer, everything is possible at this meeting with the ensemble members of the house and there is sure to be something for everyone. So show up on time!

"Culinary musical"
"I like to invite guests" - Like Prince Orlofsky in "Die Fledermaus", the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein is also looking forward to a culinary and musical date with the audience. Delicious food and drink from opera, operetta, musicals, chanson, pop and art song are on the menu for hungry audience members. Whether an enamoured operetta tenor sings "Trinke Liebchen, trinke schnell" or you accept an invitation to a "Tee à deux", in many operas and even more so in operettas, people drink and carouse for all they're worth. But food lovers will also get their musical money's worth, whether with trout, kebab, cheesecake or ice cream. Everyone is sure to get their fill! Bon appetit!

"The full stomach is the triangle of pleasure or the kettle drum of joy. Eating, loving, singing, digesting are the four acts of the Komische Oper, which is called life – and that passes away like the foam of a champagne bottle."
Gioachino Rossini (1792–1868), composer and passionate cook