27.06.–02.07.2023 / Concert

YAMATO – The Drummers of Japan

Tenmei – Rhythmus des Schicksals
Fri 30.06.2023
Opernhaus Düsseldorf
The drumming legend finally returns! In their breathtaking shows, YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan combine tradition with modernity and unbridled passion with amazing harmony and athletic excellence. The mixture is made perfect by the unmistakable humour with which the troupe has conquered every audience for 29 years. With more than 4,500 performances in 54 countries, the taiko virtuosos have already played their way into the hearts of more than 8 million spectators. With Tenmei, they are now continuing their unique success story.

Tenmei (destiny) celebrates life in all its diversity. With their new show, YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan bring their philosophy to the stage as pure energy: simply savour every moment and always give your best! Pulsating rhythms and thunderous sound patterns ignite a hypnotic flame, which is constantly cheered on by the audience. This interplay creates a magical connection that carries away artists and spectators alike and has a long-lasting effect.

Experience the new stroke of genius of the world's most successful Taiko ensemble. YAMATO - The Drummers of Japan combine traditional Asian drumming with the captivating beats of modern Japan. In combination with the colourful costumes and atmospheric stage effects, a brilliant feast for all the senses unfolds.

More information and pictures of the show at: www.yamato-show.de