17.-18.06.2022 / Young Opera
For all from 12 upwards


Musical theatre by young people
For all from 12 upwards
Melitta lives in a slum on a huge garbage dump. What she needs to live, she has to find in the garbage, barter or steal. She doesn't know any other world, because the border of the landfill is guarded by T.R.A.S.H. - supposedly to protect Melitta and the others from the garbage-producing outside world. When a stranger tells her about the real life behind the border, Melitta's world view starts to crack and she sets off into the unknown outside world.

The production T.R.A.S.H. was created a little over a year ago as part of the "Opera Makers 2.0" project. Since then, some 22 teenagers and young adults have been writing, composing, developing designs for the stage and costumes, and staging their work at the youth opera. T.R.A.S.H. deals with the global problem of waste production and organized injustice, opens up spaces for thought and provides material for discussion - and tells of a friendship that overcomes boundaries. Recycling also played a decisive role in the design of the mobile youth opera by consistently using recycled materials for stage and costume.
Werkstatt Libretto
Sascha Pranschke
Werkstatt Komposition
David Graham/Peter Veale
Werkstatt Regie
Werkstatt Bühne und Kostüm
Isabell Ziegler
Künstlerische Projektleitung
Merle Bader
Julia Berg
Moritz Koch
Julius Schepansky