Opernshop Düsseldorf
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Box office at Opernhaus Düsseldorf
From 60 minutes before the performance
Theaterkasse Duisburg
Mon–Fri: 10.00–18.30 h
Sat: 10.00–18.00 h

Tel. 0203 283 62 100

47051 Duisburg


Box office at Theater Duisburg
From 60 minutes before the performance
How to buy tickets
In advance
Tickets for all performances in the 2022/23 season are on sale.

Buying tickets online
The quickest way to buy a ticket: simply select the performance of your choice from our repertoire and book your tickets at our webshop (you can pay by credit card or direct debit with SSL-encrypted transfer of all customer, order and payment details).

Digital tickets: Ticket Direct
In the webshop, select "Ticket Direct: Digital Ticket": Your tickets will be made available to you free of charge as a pdf file and as a wallet link by e-mail. The shipping price (see below) does not apply.

You can, but do not have to, bring your digital ticket in printed form with you when you enter: It is perfectly sufficient to show the PDF or Wallet ticket on your smartphone.

Our digital tickets currently do not include a VRR travel permit.

If you give us your account information for direct debit when you reserve by phone, we will post your tickets to you. Orders submitted in writing by letter or email will be processed in the order in which they are received. We will send the tickets you have requested once your direct debit payment has been completed: we regret that we cannot accept any other method of payment. Please do not send us any credit card details by email, fax or post!

Ticket prices
All the ticket prices quoted are final prices including fees of 8 %. Tickets will not be taken back once they have been purchased.

Delivery charge
Tickets sent out by post will incur a delivery charge of 2,50 € (standard letter).

Reservation period
We will reserve tickets for you without payment for up to 10 days after we receive your request. Tickets can only be reserved for collection at the box office on the night if they have already been paid for.
School pupils, students, trainees and those in voluntary service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst / Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr) under the age of 28 are entitled to a reduction of 50 % on the price of a single ticket.

“last minute”
School pupils, students, trainees and those in voluntary service (Bundesfreiwilligendienst / Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr) under the age of 28 may obtain “Last Minute” tickets for 10,00 € on the night of the performance at the box offices in Düsseldorf and in Duisburg (subject to availability).

The severely disabled with a degree of disability of 70 or above
The severely disabled with a degree of disability of 70 % or above plus one companion (provided the letter B is included on their disability i.d.) are entitled to a reduction of 50 % on the price of a single ticket.

Further information on the subject of accessibility can be found here for the Düsseldorf Opera House and here for the Duisburg Theater.

Those in receipt of Arbeitslosengeld and Bürgergeld etc.
Those in receipt of Arbeitslosengeld and Bürgergeld as well as persons in receipt of benefits for seniors, reduced earnings capacity or other social benefits (social security), are entitled to a reduction of 50 % on the price of a single ticket.

Notes: concessions do not apply to premieres, special events, New Year’s Eve and guest performances (restriction does not apply to severely disabled persons with a degree of disability of 70 or above). Occasionally concessions may not be available in all price categories. A charge of 5,00 € per ticket applies to any concessions that are applied retrospectively. Please be prepared to show your concessionary i.d. on admission without being asked: without it you will be asked to pay the full price.
Tickets for school classes & kindergarten
Special prices are available for school classes and kindergartens for almost all performances by the Deutsche Oper and the Ballett am Rhein – for all seats, subject to availability:

Opernhaus Düsseldorf
Children’s opera 8,00 € / Opera & Ballet 10,00 € / Foyer 5,00 € per pupil

Theater Duisburg
5,50 € / Foyer 4,00 € per pupil

Info & Booking
Tel. 0211 89 25 328 /

Tel. 0203 283 62 110 /
If you are visiting the opera together as a group, with your company or society, as a gift for business partners or clients, or as a way of saying thank you to your staff or trainees, we will help you to make it a unique experience.

  • Your group of 20 persons or more will generally receive a 35 % reduction on ticket prices.
  • Payment and minor adjustments to the agreed number of tickets can be made up to three weeks before the performance.

Before and after the performance
A guided tour backstage, a personal introduction to the performance or a private reception in a separate area of the foyer can all turn an evening at the opera or ballet into an event. We will be happy to advise you!

Our catering partners will be happy to provide an individual package for you upon request.

Information & bookings
Tel. +49 211 89 25 328 /

Tel. +49 203 283 62 110 /
Familienkarte / Family card
With the family card (Familienkarte) you get opera and ballet tickets for 10 € for each registered family member!

  • for all family card holders in the cities of Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Mönchengladbach and in the Rhine district of Neuss
  • selected dates suitable for families
  • all bookable now in Opernshop Düsseldorf, at the Duisburg theatre box office and at the evening box office (while stocks last), not bookable in the webshop
Every parent or guardian whose principal residence is in Düsseldorf or the Rhine district of Neuss with at least one child up to the age of 18 (the child must be able to prove that their principal residence is with the parent or guardian) is entitled to apply for the Familienkarte free of charge.

Further information:
Düsseldorf (in German)
Duisburg (in German)
Rhein-Kreis Neuss (in German)

Upon admission, the family card must be shown as proof together with the tickets: Without it, we will have to ask you to pay extra.

Tickets at the family ticket price are not transferable to third parties, but only to registered family members.
Ehrenamtskarte NRW
  • 20 % reduction on 2 tickets per performance
  • available from Opernshop Düsseldorf and Theaterkasse Duisburg, cannot be booked through the webshop
  • special events excluded, cannot be combined with others discounts
Further information (in German):
City Power Card
  • Total price for City Power Card Duisburg holders: 40,00 Euro for 4 persons – come along with your family or friends.
  • a selected performance at Theater Duisburg around every four weeks
  • available from Theaterkasse Duisburg and at the box office on the night (subject to availability), cannot be booked through the webshop
Further information (in German):
Ticket Return
Tickets sold cannot be returned or exchanged. If, as a gesture of goodwill, a return is nevertheless permitted - against a cancellation voucher - a handling fee of up to €8.00 per ticket will be charged.

Cast changes and other last-minute changes to the performance schedule, in particular interruptions, a late start to the performance or a concert performance, do not generally entitle the holder to return tickets. Exceptions to this rule may be determined by the theatre management in individual cases.

If a different work is performed instead of the one announced when the ticket was purchased, tickets purchased can be returned free of charge at the box office until the performance begins in exchange for a voucher. If a performance is cancelled, the DOR will endeavour to offer a replacement performance. If this is not possible, a voucher will be granted. Such a voucher may also be obtained in exchange for the return of the ticket if a performance has been cancelled, provided that less than half of the pure performance time (excluding intermission) has been shown at the time of cancellation. If a performance has to be abandoned after half, all claims for compensation are excluded. The aforementioned claims may be asserted in writing to DOR within 14 days of the performance date. A claim for refund of the admission price expires if it is not asserted within this period.