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In die Oper oder das Ballett geht man nicht jeden Tag. Diese Rubrik soll rund um Ihren Vorstellungsbesuch informieren - über unseren Garderobenservice ebenso wie darüber, wo und wann Fotografieren erlaubt ist, über unsere Einführungen und was passiert, wenn Sie sich einmal verspäten sollten. Haben Sie weitere Fragen? Dann lassen Sie es uns bitte wissen!
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There is no dress code to visit the opera or ballet: dress in a way with which you feel comfortable. At premieres and gala concerts, evening dress will not look out of place, however, it is not compulsory.

Evening box office / Opening hours
Our theatres and their evening box offices open one hour before the performance. The doors to the auditorium will open at least 10 minutes before the performance starts.

Please leave your coat at the cloakroom – this service is included in the price of your ticket.

Mobile phones & Photography
Of course it is permitted to take photographs, post images and to make phone calls before or after the performance as well as during the intervals. Please link us in when using social media.

However, we do request that you switch off your mobile phone before the performance begins. In this way we can ensure that no signal noise will disturb the performance or other visitors. It is also important that no recordings of images, video or audio are made during the performance (see below under: “recording of images, sound and video”).

Every day there is a performance, we will invite you to an introduction to the work in the foyer 30 minutes before the performance begins. We also offer a number of our introductions online as audio opera and ballet guides.

Programme booklets
Each of our opera and ballet productions has a comprehensive programme booklet – including colour photos of the action on stage and specially selected texts relating to the production. You can buy programmes in the foyer immediately before “your” performance – or in advance in the Opernshop. The booklets are published on the day of the premiere or revival and are also available from the Opernshop the following day.

Changes to the cast or programme
Although we do everything we can to avoid making changes to the cast or programme, sometimes there is no alternative. In such cases, please understand that changes do not entitle you to return tickets that have already been purchased.

Booster cushionsBooster cushions for children may be borrowed from the programme / information stand (Düsseldorf) or from the cloakroom (Duisburg) – except for school performances. The number of booster cushions is limited. If you are using a booster cushion, please ensure you do not restrict the view of members of the audience sitting behind you.

The performance

As a general rule, all our performances start on time. If you arrive too late, it is possible that you may not be able to take up the seat you have booked until the first interval. Until then you will be able to follow the performance on a monitor. If you find it urgently necessary to leave the auditorium during the performance, under certain circumstances you may not be able to return to your seat directly. Only if it is possible will we re-admit you to the 3. Rang (Opernhaus Düsseldorf) or the 2. Rang (Theater Duisburg).

Seat rows
There is not a lot of room in our seat rows: so please stand up when those sitting next to you wish to reach their seats. Please be friendly and face the other visitors who have already taken their seats while walking along the row.

In almost all opera performances you will be able to read the lyrics in German as surtitles. We regret that, due to the architectural features of our theatres, these are not legible or equally visible from every seat in the house. Our staff in the Opernshop will be happy to advise you.

Recording images, sound and video
We have an obligation to protect the copyrights and personal rights of our artists. As in other theatres, no recording of sound or images is permitted during the performances of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein.


We will ensure that taxis are ready waiting for you after the performance.

Lost property
Have you lost or forgotten something? Please call us.

Opernhaus Düsseldorf (Stage door)
Tel. 0211 89 25 210

Theater Duisburg (Stage door)
Tel. 0203 283 62 222