16.06.–25.06.2022 / Opera

Die Wal­küre

Richard Wagner
First day of the scenic festival “Der Ring des Nibelungen”
Text by the composer
In German with surtitles
approx. 5 hours, two intervals
For all from 14 upwards
In order to foil Alberich’s bid for power, the ruler of the gods Wotan has fathered nine Valkyries, who have the task of gathering an army of fallen heroes for him and bringing them to Valhalla. His intention is that his son Siegmund, conceived from a relationship with a mortal woman, will be the free-born hero who wins back the ring for him. However, Siegmund unwittingly upsets Wotan’s plan by falling in love with his twin sister Sieglinde, a union that gives birth to Siegfried. When Wotan’s favourite daughter Brünnhilde disobeys her father’s order to seal Siegmund’s downfall out of compassion, he banishes her to the rock of fire from which only the strongest hero will be able to rescue her. This will be Siegfried.

Musikalische Leitung
Talk about the "Ring" - Die Walküre
This video is available in German with English subtitles.
In this episode looking at the "Walküre" Axel Kober and Dorian Dreher watch a human on the run. A human who was raised by his father to be anarchich and akward. They get carried away by the music of the first act of "Die Walküre", discover a sword (motif) and philosophize about the tragedy upright heros have to cope with. Accompanied by two very special guests they ramble about godly marital problems and much more.

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