11.02.2024 / Concert

Sym­pho­niker im Foyer

Kammermusik zur Karnevalszeit
In the stylish ambience of the Düsseldorf opera foyer, members of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra explore well-known and unknown masterpieces of chamber music together with singers from the opera ensemble.

Carnival meets Music Hall - Lively carnival songs from the 1920s and treasures from English Music hall theatre at the turn of the century take centre stage this year for the fifth (musical) season at the Deutsche Oper am Rhein.
Treasures from Willy Ostermann's song box and Lonsdorfer's "Altbierlied" are just as much a part of the programme as operetta hits by Johann Strauss (son) ("Carnival in Rome") and Fred Raymond ("Mask in Blue"). This year, the Düsseldorf audience will receive a visit from the "island", or more precisely from the many entertainment establishments in London at the turn of the century, where hits such as "Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre or the ladies' flatterer "Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty" by Arthur Le Clerq were launched.